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Music Educator Intern

He plays percussion and high and low brass (a designation I know nothing about and was formerly totally unaware of). Working on his Master’s at UMKC. Apparently Bobby Watson is not only a phenomenally amazing musician, but is also a bit of a hard ass perfectionist. If you don’t know who Bobby Watson is, go to a concert and hear him destroy your mind with incomprehensible amazingness.

We talked about our families and how mine has a disproportionate number of professional musicians, and he’s the only musician in his family who are generally not that creative: business and military types. I confessed I could be a much better violinist if I practiced more, but instead I vastly preferred playing in the mud. Very cool guy, started the night with a really nice vibe.

[this is where I address my intentional deviation from formatting norms. I deny any astrological influence to my tendency to challenge structures I don’t like. the one witch I ever trusted with my time of birth who did my chart in my ’64 Impala with her whole collection of old ass astrology books that she cross referenced... in front of an audience... who were laughing their asses off as I argued with her as she continued to describe me more and more accurately until I went from saying “stop” to ineffectively powerlessly demanding “STOP” to begging “no really please stop...” she did not stop. at all. according to her I also think astrology is bullshit because of my astrology: no one can tell me what to do and I hate any systems of predetermination and/or with outcomes that aren’t mine to choose {also because astrology}. and all the audience members died hyperbolically of asphyxiation from hyperventilation due to uncontrollable hysterical laughter. this was during the early peak of my Björk phase in Springfield MO. you can fit a LOT of people in a ’64 Impala. how many hippies will fit? one more and a dog. my internet birthday is and always has been January 1 and my friends know better than to tell.]

[she put Jello in her tea. we ate a lot of macaroni and cheese. I miss you Lisa.]

[how do I not currently have a very close lesbian friend? I’m overdue for a new one.]

[yes this version is a bit more disjointed and includes new angles. also there are cracks in the Matrix.]

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