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-Catfish Not Crystals-

[this is when I start jamming to Gwen Stefani’s Crash, on repeat.]

[do I ask her for ID? is she an unaccompanied minor?]

[nah she carries herself like a grown ass woman. sure looks young tho.]

Me: “How you doin? What you been up to?”

Bretanny: “Just got back from fishing for catfish! What about you?” [conversation somehow moves from catfish to all the crazy energy I’ve recently had as I’m tellin her all these stories at like 2,000mph starting new sentences before finishing the old ones {for which I apologized but she’s like “No I get it – I’m totally there with you.”}]

Me: “So this crystal’s getting passed around a lot btw if you wanna check it out…” [don’t recall her response but I felt she was hesitant]

Bretanny: “What’s this all about anyway?” Me: “Well you know some people think they’re magighck or whatever and who knows, I mean they’re silicon dioxide, and silicates make up 70% of Earth’s crust so… people believe what they believe; idk, energy’s a thing [all the words and really fast CAFFEINE and I’m just really excited but also becoming exhausted]

[she’s a daytime bartender at a pizza place and we talked about working with the public, etc.]

[at some point age comes up and we’re both surprised and have in common that we look much younger than we are: she’s 29, I’m 44.]

[maybe we’ll get cocktails sometime and talk about all the things, who knows.]

[she’s probably getting a printout tho.]

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