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People’s Public Journal is a collection of several creative projects, many of which are from random people I’ve met.


It started as “Rule Number One:”  ALWAYS carry pen and paper.

and “Rule Number Two:”  ALWAYS write it down.


I’ve been doing this since about 1999, and all these tidbits are coming together here.

I would write down anything I found interesting, inspiring, funny, etc.

Then I realized I should start asking people if they want to be quoted or anonymous.


My parents gave me a leatherbound journal that was too nice to keep to myself, so I started taking it with me everywhere and passing it around, asking people to contribute whatever was on their mind.  

The first version circulated circa 2001-2006ish in Kansas City Missouri.

The second version circulated in Bellingham Washington around 2014-2017ish.

Then I started writing about my rideshare passengers, and my friends demanded MOAR so…

Now I have one in the pocket of the backseat of my Subaru Forester, and I tell my rideshare passengers they can write or draw whatever they want.  I have a bunch of markers and colored pens for them to use 😊


I also doodle, and I’m converting some of these into abstract line art.  One of my friends thinks I’m channeling creative energy from a planet ruled by cats.  Who knows?  I do love cats.  Anyway, I’ve turned some of these shapes into hand-carved woodcuts, from which I can make prints.  This art will be available in the store soon 😊



William Andy Siebert

Profession:  Speech to text transcriber for students with accommodations; 12 years experience

Hobbies:  Long boarding (carving steep hills and cruising), cycling, casual violin, camping, hiking, Legos, talking to strangers… and it kinda goes without saying that I’m an avid Kesha fan.  She’s far more amazing and empowering than most people understand, and the evolution of her vastly diverse music is a gift to the world.

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