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This guy was my favorite passenger until he quadruple tied for first place w Absolutely Sparkling Kandace, Bouncy “Not Maurice” Hannah of Energy, and Catfish Not Crystals.

Midnightish. I asked him how he’s doin.

David: “Honestly I wish I was still in bed with my dog. But I have a friend who drank too much and she needs me to drive her car so she can get to work in the morning.”

[already pegged as nice guy but wait… it gets better.]

[seatbelt light has been beeping and flashing red for a while]

Me [pointing]: “If that’s buggin you it’s not going away unless you put your seatbelt on.”

[he apologized, I talked about a friend with an incredible story about almost being killed by farm machinery on a covered bridge who believes he would have died in his seatbelt; though usually seatbelts save lives…]

David: “Well in my spare time I race motorcycles and jump out of planes so…”

[suddenly everything in our conversation is amazing and he busts out with:

“From 14,000 feet the Earth looks like a quilt that your grandmother made…”

and I asked him to write it down, and of course he writes in ALLCAPS cuz dude’s just epic.]

[paramedic having served in two branches of military]

[life journey of recovery from major spinal/hip injury]

We talked about how he should write his story and/or be an inspirational public speaker.

Of course, his dad is a public speaker.

I got his contact info. Apparently people “aren’t supposed to do this” but one of the Uber produced video stories expressly condones such activity so, yeah, contradiction; also people gonna people.

He’s also kinda cute. Dunno if he’s straight yet but already tryna set him up w one of my new fav humans.

[75th and Wornall has some serious construction. I was amazed by the convenience of a random portapotty on my detour route until I learned I was literally a block from QuikTrip which was my intended “OMG I GOTTA PEE” spot lol]

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